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The 2nd Annual Davis-Thompson Foundation Eastern European Veterinary Pathology Meeting is co-organized by the CL Davis and SW Thompson DVM Foundation and two organisational units within the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Ljubljana


Charles Louis Davis and Samuel Wesley Thompson DVM Foundation

The mission of the Foundation is to further the international advancement of education in veterinary and comparative pathology. Through a variety of outreach educational programs, the Foundation strives to advance the study of the diseases of animals and the comparison of diseases manifested by diverse species of animals. In the pursuit and dissemination of such knowledge, the Foundation hopes to improve the health and wellbeing of all animals in the world, including man.



The Veterinary Faculty of the University of Ljubljana is the only veterinary faculty in Slovenia. Its mission is to ensure the education and training of Doctors of Veterinary Medicine based on research and professional activities. It strives to meet the standards of the veterinary profession in Europe in the fields of animal health and welfare, as well as public health care, including care for food safety and the prevention and spread of contagious diseases.

The Department of Pathology, Forensic and Administrative Veterinary Medicine, which is a part of the Institute of Pathology, Wild Animals, Fish and Bees, carries out educational, research and diagnostic activities in the fields of pathology, forensic and administrative veterinary medicine, as well as forensic toxicology and ecotoxicology. The whole Department consists of six Doctors of Veterinary Medicine, one university graduated chemist and six veterinary technicians.

The National Veterinary Institute (NVI) operates as a special internal organisational unit under the auspices of the Veterinary Faculty. The NVI carries out public veterinary services, as required by the European Union and the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia.

NVI, Unit Ljubljana is one of 7 NVI units dispersed all over Slovenia. Unit Ljubljana is responsible for the implementation of pathomorphological diagnosis of infectious animal diseases and other animal diseases and for carrying out veterinary hygiene services in the Ljubljana, Dolenjska and Gorenjska region. Three Doctors of Veterinary Medicine, one economic technician and 16 veterinary hygienists and technicians are part of this unit.

Organising Comittee

Organising Comittee from the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Ljubljana:

From left to right:
Kristina Tekavec, DVM
Sabina Šturm, DVM
Assist. Prof. Mitja Gombač, PhD, DVM
Tomislav Paller, MSc, DVM
Prof. Polona Juntes, PhD, DVM
Assist. Prof. Tanja Švara, PhD, DVM
Vasilij Cociancich, DVM
Špela Vidrih, DVM
Assist. Tamara Dolenšek, DVM